Getting Started With Speed Budget

We are currently updating the following help areas for Speed Budget Version 5. Please check back shortly


Speed Budget is an Android App built to help manage you finances by allowing you to set budgets for common items you purchase and then track your spending against these budgets.

Home Screen

The home screen is where you see all the expense categories you are tracking plus some overall “Summary” information available from the tab view swipe.

The Summary screen lets you see your overall Actual Expenses Total and your Projected Spend for a range of periods. Changing the time period on the drop down spinner will also change the amount you display on each category image at its bottom.

Single tap any category to take you to its full summary screen. Here you can also delete or edit the category.


Categories & Their Budgets

The app uses the concept of “categories” which are just the individual items you spend money on. Such things as “Rent” or “Car Repairs” or “Food”.  You can choose to set individual budgets for each category for a period of either “Monthly”, “Fortnightly” or “Weekly”.


Still have some issues or questions? Please check our FAQ section or head to the Support Forums for more answers.