Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section.

Take a look at the common questions and answers below, if you don’t find an answer here or in our getting started section, please head on over to our forums area to search or post a new question.


How do I enter an expense into a category when I’ve spent something?

From the home screen tap any category you want to enter something in.  From the category details screen you can then use the “add” button to enter an expense manually.

Can I enter expense amounts manually if my category has “Auto Enter Budget” switched on?

Yes. You may wish to add extra amounts into a category manually at times. This will not interrupt the normal automatic recurring expense which occurs for the category.

How do I delete or modify an expense I have entered?

You can navigate using the slide out app drawer to the “All Expense Entries” page. Here you can find and sort past expense entries. To delete an item, simply swipe it to the right. To edit an expense item, you can simply click on it to bring up the edit expense screen.

How many categories can I track?

You may track up to 6 categories for free with Speed Budget.  To help support the lengthy and ongoing development process of Speed Budget, please look to purchase extra categories and features for a very small fee using our in-app purchase area accessed from the “Upgrade” page.

How do I edit the settings of a category?

You can edit anything to do with a category or delete it by going to the category details screen and using one of the top menu bar items.

Why does Speed Budget show ads and have paid upgrades?

To help offset the enormous amount of time invested in its development, we need to charge for extra features and show ads by default in Speed Budget.  You will find that you can free up more screen space on your device by removing the ads using our in-app upgrade facility.

How do I upgrade or track more expense categories?

Simply use the “Upgrade” option from the main menu navigation. You will find various in-app purchases you can make to increase your category tracking limit.

How does Speed Budget store my data?

Speed Budget stores your expense data locally in a database, it does not transmit or sync your data online as is the case in a webserver. This allows the application to be responsive and not be shackled to a web connection.

Do you use my expense data?

No. Your data is not accessible to us or anyone else. We do not track you expense data or hold it in any servers online, it is local to the device it is installed on.

Can I use Speed Budget on multiple devices?

We have plans in the future to allow syncing of data to multiple devices that you own.  At this time Speed Budget data can only be accessed from the device on which it is entered.