Creating Categories


Create a Category Screen

Categories are used to keep track of expenditure for different items. You might create a category for items you regularly have to pay for such as a gym membership or rent or mortgage. You can also make categories for more casual expenditure items, such as “dining out”.

Steps for Creating a New Category

 Choose the Create button from the home screen


Category Name

Enter a name for your category.


This is the amount you expect you’ll spend or would like to restrict your spending to in a certain period. If the item is something like a membership fee, which recurs at a certain amount at an interval, then simply enter that amount here. If the item is something that you spend in an “ad-hoc” fashion such as gas/petrol then you can enter any amount here. The benefit of setting a budget here is that you can see what your “Projected Spending” amount will be later on.

Enter the time period at which you expect you’ll spend this amount. You may choose “Weekly”, “Fortnightly” or “Monthly”

Auto Enter Budget

Switching “Auto Enter Budget” to On will tell Speed Budget that you wish to have the budget amount entered automatically at the interval you have chosen. You should then select the date chooser field and enter the date on which you would like the budgeted amount to be entered. NOTE: If you enter a start date which has already¬†passed then Speed Budget will begin at that date and automatically enter an expense amount on each appropriate date until the current date.

Choose Image For Category

Speed Budget lets you choose any image you like from your device to represent this category.


Be sure to save your category after you have entered the details.